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Pest Control Services based in Leeds, covering the whole of Yorkshire.

MJR Pest Control deliver comprehensive pest removal solutions for domestic, commercial and industrial clients in Leeds and surrounding areas. Our dedicated pest control services range from rat control to wasp removal. Through the use of the latest pest removal equipment and proven working systems, we have built a strong reputation across the Yorkshire area for being trusted and reputable service providers.

Our experienced pest control team works closely with the customer to provide conclusive pest removal results in the Leeds and Yorkshire. We work discreetly and with compassion and understanding, carrying out wasp removal or pest control services which return your premises back to an infestation-free environment quickly.


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No job is ever too big or too small for our personnel.Pest Removal Experts Covering Bradford and Leeds


Below, we provide details on the insects and vermin we remove:

Wasp Removal Wasps generally build their nests inside roof spaces, lofts, sheds and even ground airbricks. Nests can go undetected for some time until wasps suddenly start appearing in or around your Leeds or Yorkshire property. If you start to notice wasps inside your home or workplace, call us now for responsive wasp removal services.

Do not try to treat a wasp’s nest yourself because these insects are highly aggressive and can sting repeatedly if their environment is disturbed. For some, this can be a serious problem because stings trigger allergies and anaphylactic reactions. Our experts can carry out safe and controlled wasp removal services on your behalf, all at a competitive price.

Mice and Rats  Mice and rats are two of the most common pests we encounter. Their presence is concerning because of the diseases they bring with them, such as Salmonella and Weil’s Disease. These particular rodents tend to breed quickly and will usually set up home anywhere warm, especially when there is a food source nearby.

Our personnel will investigate rat and mice infestations studiously ahead of providing pest removal services. We can deal with small or large infestations in Leeds and Yorkshire, and our pest control treatments are carried out in a safe, humane manner.

Bed Bugs Bed bugs are a common problem and our pest removal experts know exactly how to deal with them. Because they prefer dark and undisturbed areas, such as crevices in the baseboards near beds or behind wallpaper, they can take a while to make their presence known. Bed bugs will often go unnoticed until they begin biting in the night.

While they feed exclusively on blood, bed bugs aren’t dangerous and don’t spread diseases. Having them in your home, however, can become a stressful experience – especially if you have skin which reacts to their bites. We combine experience and proven working methods to remove bed bugs from your Leeds home and to stop any unpleasant symptoms you might be experiencing because of their presence.

Silverfish Silverfish are commonplace in many Leeds and Bradford homes, and they are often found in bathrooms and kitchens where they sometimes become trapped in the crevices of sinks, baths and washbasins. Silverfish are non-harmful insects but annoying ones all the same because they can breed so quickly. They eat wallpaper, cardboard and other similar materials, and often leave destruction in their wake.

MJR Pest Control can spray a silverfish infestation as part of our pest control services to clear your property of infestations quickly and effectively.

Cockroaches  Cockroaches are nocturnal insects and mostly feed at night. They are indiscriminate in their actions and it’s usually easier to spot signs of their work than it is to actually see them because they eat most things, including plastic and animal droppings. This is what makes cockroaches a health hazard. Whenever they are present in restaurants or food preparation areas, panic ensures because of the potential diseases they carry.

Our pest control specialists are highly experienced in dealing with cockroaches and can help clear your Leeds or Yorkshire property of an infestation effectively.

Moles and Squirrels  Both moles and squirrels have a destructive nature about them and can dig up lawns, cut though plants, damage machinery or chew through wires to cause havoc. Moles can breed at an unbelievable pace. In much the same way as our wasp removal services, the methods of pest removal used for moles and squirrels are people and pet-friendly and are suitable for application in most environments.

To find out more about pest removal services which control or eliminate the presence of moles and squirrels at properties in Leeds or Yorkshire, please call us now.

Fleas and Mites Letting fleas or mites get out of hand can be rather unpleasant and unhealthy for homeowners, pets and anybody else coming into contact with them. If you suspect you’ve been bitten by fleas or mites, please ring us immediately for advice. Flea and mite infestations must be dealt with responsively or you could struggle to get rid of them.

Our pest control services are essential for dealing with problems quickly and for ridding your Leeds property of fleas, mites and all other worrying bugs for good.

Ants Ants are a very common pest. They can, and inevitably will, take over small areas quickly. In the summer, some of the nest will turn into flying ants and this adds to the misery they cause. As pest removal experts, Eradicate have the experience and know-how needed to deal with ant infestations in a fast, effective and humane manner.

If a problem with ants is reoccurring, we can make regular visits until the problem is resolved and stopped from arising again. Ants in a kitchen can cause many health and safety issues. Our pest control services are effective in keeping your Leeds or Yorkshire premises ant-free and compliant with current food hygiene regulations.

Pigeons and Birds The health risks which birds, and especially pigeons, create are sometimes horrific. Salmonella, E-Coli and other potentially deadly diseases can be carried through their droppings. If birds have infested your Leeds or Bradford premises, we can combine traditional and modern pest removal methods to clear them.

We have specialist skills in bird control and many years of experience in analysing bird behavior. This helps us to provide professional and effective bird control or removal services. MJR Pest Control also offer solutions for clearing properties of bird waste and droppings.

If you have a problem with a pest that isn’t mentioned above, please contact us. Pest control services are available between 8.00am and 8.00pm, from Monday to Saturday. We also provide emergency services to customers in Leeds, Yorkshire and the surrounding areas. 

If your Leeds or Yorkshire property is suffering from a pest infestation, or if you require wasp removal services, call MJR Pest Control on 07799 241 461