No matter how big your restaurant or retail establishment may be, there’s no denying that having unwanted pests on your premises is nothing short of a nightmare.

Although it may not seem like such a significant problem on a small scale, food pests have caused thousands of UK businesses millions of pounds in damages in the form of tarnished reputations and possible fines. Such issues have become so prevalent in recent years to the point where the average restaurant or retailer is far more susceptible to them as opposed to just a few years ago.

Despite the growing problem of common food pests in establishments nowadays, many UK establishments still find themselves very much unaware of the various implications that they bring. Regardless of how small or big your business is, it’s vital to ensure that you’re doing your part in preventing the problem at hand—but the chances are that you’re also not sure about where you’re supposed to start.

Fortunately, combatting this ordeal, preventing pest damage, and saving your business from unwanted scrutiny and the risk of closure can be quickly done by taking this guide into mind:

What are the three main kinds of food pests that you can come across?

Generally speaking, any kind of pest will always be a threat to the safety and quality of your food because of the number of germs and dirt that a tiny critter can bring. Among all the different pests and problems that the average British establishment runs into the most, three main culprits cause the greatest deal of damage:

  1. Birds (such as pigeons, starlings, or sparrows)
  2. Rats and mice
  3. Insects (such as cockroaches, ants, and flies)

Why should you worry about them in the first place?

While most pests go away with a quick swat, the truth is that they will always wreak havoc on any unprepared business because they come in large numbers.

Many food retail and catering industries see pest infestations as the biggest problem in the industry because of the short- and long-term damage that they bring. Apart from ruining stocks or contaminating a store’s inventory, the presence of pests can be even more dangerous over time once a customer spots one of them and blasts out a full-length complaint that does the rounds.

If you’re looking to protect your brand’s image and make sure that your customers trust you well enough to keep buying for continued success, then you must prevent or fix your food pest problems ASAP!

How exactly they appear, and how you can avoid the problem entirely

When it comes to understanding why food pest problems appear, it’s vital to understand that there are near-endless ways that food pests can enter your establishment. In most cases, such infestations take place because of factors such as structural flaws (e.g., tiny holes), poor cleaning practices, and a lack of extermination processes.

Here are some pest prevention best practices for your restaurant:

  • Consider specialist equipment, for example, insect screens, electronic fly killing devices – make sue you have suitable pest prevention tools and that they are always in good working order.
  • Carry out regular maintenance assessments and pest-proofing checks

Fortunately, you can combat the threat of food pests and keep your establishment safe by bringing in the services of a pest control expert that has experience serving the food industry. Specific experts and service providers—such as Yorkshire’s MJR Pest Control—have all the necessary tools and skills to plug up any potential holes and keep unwanted visitors out of your business! If you have a specific pest problem, professional pest control specialists assess your restaurant premises and put measures in place to target and remove the specific pests in question.


No matter how small your retail or restaurant business may be, it’s vital to ensure that your establishment is protected from the threat of food pests as much as possible at all times. It is important to stay in control of the safety and health of your business and protect both your customers and image at the same time!

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