Birds are welcome members of an ecosystem, but they can quickly become pests if they leave bird droppings all over your property.

Bird droppings are especially disgusting inside your property, but also in your garden, on your decking, patio, or pool. Bird faeces is not just aesthetically unpleasing, but faeces from pigeons and seagulls, for example, can contain any number of diseases and illnesses that endanger your health and that of your family, such as a flu-like illness called psittacosis and salmonella, a bacterial infection that can cause diarrhoea.

In order to keep your family safe from these diseases and your properties safe from an endless rain of bird droppings, here are some of the things you could do:

1. Hang up some shiny wind chimes

In addition to being a stylish and soothing addition to your home, wind chimes can keep birds away from certain areas of your property. The birds are repelled by the reflected light from the metal pieces of a wind chime, as well as its unfamiliar sounds.

Wind chimes can be hung from the overhang of your porch, along your fences, and even on tree branches.

2. Hang up some mirrors

A bird’s natural aversion to reflected light can ensure that a few small, well-placed mirrors hung on branches and other parts of your property will keep them away. Birds also assess the food level of an area by determining whether another bird already occupies it. As such, birds can be tricked with their own reflection into thinking that your property is already another bird’s territory.

3. Put some spinning windmills around the area

Those colourful spinning windmills / pinwheels, believe it or not, are great for repelling birds. The spinning and the noises can frighten birds away. You can make these yourself or even purchase specialised windmills / pinwheels with reflective surfaces that make them even more effective.

For the best results, keep them in areas where the bird droppings seems to gather.

4. Fool them with plastic predators

All the smaller types of birds, such as robins, sparrows, crows, and starlings, are frightened of hawks, eagles, and owls. Putting up a false plastic statue of such predators can keep birds from pooing all over your precious property.

Most hardware and home stores have these in stock, and they do well when placed on fences and visible branches in trees. One caveat of plastic predators, however, is that you will need to move them every so often so that the cheeky birds don’t catch on.

5. Use an ultrasonic sound system

For a more high-tech solution, a well-placed ultrasonic sound system can keep birds away and keep them from nesting in your property. Most systems emit a high-pitched noise undetected by humans but are audible to birds. Many of these systems are even motion-activated for better effectiveness.

Some systems emit the sounds of predatory birds rather than ultrasonic noises. Some can even be configured to keep away only specific types of birds.


Pest birds can be noisy, destructive, and cover otherwise beautiful architecture and landscaping with unsightly and germ-infested bird poo. While any one of these solutions can be effective, it might do your household well to combine several bird-deterring solutions for a cleaner and safer home.

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