What is the last thing you want to find in your restaurant business? Well, other than empty seats, that would probably be pests. They carry diseases and can leave the place in a mess.

Among the most annoying pests that a restaurant owner can ever face are cockroaches. That is because they are extremely tough to get rid of, and if a customer spots one, your restaurants image might be damaged.

How do you get rid of cockroaches in your restaurant? Here are a few tips:

1. Get rid of water sources

Just like with other living creatures, cockroaches need water to survive. However, cockroaches can survive solely on water for a month. If you leave any water puddles or wet spots around the restaurants, those cockroaches will find them. At the same time, check around for any leaks and the like. Leaks can create hidden pools of water that can end up becoming permanent sources of water for the pests if the problem does not get fixed.

2. Address the food sources

You must ensure the cockroaches do not have access to food. That can include food scraps and other items like clothes and cardboards. Ensure that all of these items are stored in dry places well above the ground. If you have a pile of rubbish etc, such as cardboard that you do not need, throw them away into the recycling bin as soon as you can. Likewise, problems also come when there are bits of food hidden away, such as under the tables and near the walls. Ensure all of these spots are food-free as well.

3. Get rid of potential hiding spots

Buildings are perfect homes for cockroaches because they provide the perfect balance between warmth and humidity in which they can thrive. To ensure that no coackroaches come to your restaurant, close up any holes you can find. That can include cracks around the windows, gaps between the door and door frames, and holes close to the walls. An excellent way to seal these off is to use fillers such as decorators caulk, as they fill these little holes effectively, stopping cockroaches in their tracks.


If you discover cockroaches within the premises of your restaurant, act immediately. Even before you find any cockroaches or other pests, you must take action to prevent them from coming to your place. Waiting longer will increase the likelihood that an unfortunate customer will run into one while eating at your place, effectively damaging your business. However, if you have done all of the above and still seem to have a cockroach problem, do not waste any time and immediately call pest control. They can help you tackle the pest problem you have and provide you with solutions to make sure your restaurant stays cockroach-free.

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