Squirrels look fluffy and cuddly, and they can even amuse you as they scurry over plants and trees. However, they can be a major cause for concern when they start raiding and destroying your well-maintained garden by digging around and munching on your fruits and vegetables. Worse, they can even sneak inside your home!

While squirrels appear cute, they are best adored from afar. It’s best to take the necessary steps to deter them and prevent them from wreaking havoc. As professionals in squirrel control in Leeds, here are some expert tips you can take to protect your home and keep them away from your precious garden:

Plant flowers that repel squirrels

A proven-and-tested way to keep squirrels at bay is by planting flowers that they are not fond of in or around your garden. These flowers should be brightly coloured and strongly odoured so that these pests will surely avoid your yard and you can protect your garden from damage, which include daffodils, hyacinth, lily-of-the-valley, fritillaries, Galanthus, and geraniums.

Water your plants with pepper water

Aside from vividly-hued and fragrant flowers, squirrels do not like minty or spicy odours, such as the strong smells of garlic, white pepper, and black pepper. Because of this, you may consider watering your flowers with water mixed with pepper or peppermint oil to prevent squirrels from eating or destroying your plants. Keep an eye out for its effectiveness and make sure to reapply the pepper water as needed.

Spray your yard and home with squirrel deterrents

Look for squirrel repellents with similar odour as the smell of urine of predators. Spray them on your yard and home to keep squirrels away. For best results, choose the squirrel repellent sprays or liquids that smell like a red fox urine or Coyote urine. 

Furthermore, to prevent them from nesting in your attic, you may soak some cloths in apple cider vinegar and leave them there. Make sure to replace the cloths regularly to ensure the effectiveness of the repellent. Meanwhile, you can always seek help from our experts to get rid of annoying squirrels. We specialize and offer squirrel control in Wakefield. 

Get rid of food and water sources in your yard

One of the factors that attract squirrels to raid your yard or home is the sources of food and water, such as birdseed and bird feeders. Your best option is to remove them completely to prevent squirrels from going back to your garden or house. On the other hand, you may opt to stop them from dining on your seed by adding features to your bird feeders that can repel them or making your yard less attractive to them.


Squirrels can be a cause of problems and stress when they start raiding your yard and wrecking your beloved flowers and plants. To deter them effectively, try out the methods mentioned above. You may also consider doing the best way to keep them away from your garden and property, which is by turning to pest control professionals.

Keep pesky pests away from your home or place of business with our top-notch residential and commercial pest control in Leeds. Aside from controlling squirrels, we also eradicate insects, mice, wasps, bed bugs, and more. Book our services today!