It is common to see a random bug fly into the office because of an open window or door. While these are usually isolated incidents that don’t have big repercussions, things start to change when it’s a pest that has entered the premises.

Pests, even if it starts out as one tiny insect, multiply exponentially, thus ending with an infestation in just a short amount of time. In residential areas, these often work out a bit more slowly, but in a commercial space, it’s even faster. With the amount of daily foot traffic, dust, leftover food, and waste start piling up—thus increasing the number of leftovers that pests subsist upon.

Avoiding an infestation depends on early detection and resolution. To help in this regard, here are five of the most common pests to watch out for in commercial spaces.


Rodents are some of the more dangerous pests to inhabit a commercial space. Known for spreading sickness and disease, these little fur-balls can also deal a lot of damage to your property.

Utilizing pipes, walkways, and vents to move around, these pests can gnaw on electrical lines, cause drain blockages, and can even destroy the interior structure of your building. Rats reach sexual maturity within 5 weeks of birth and can produce up to 14 babies a little, 5 times a year if the conditions are suitable; this means that 1 breading couple can become 1250 rats within 1 year. This is why a commercial rodent control package from a pest expert is a must for any business.


Cockroaches are some of the toughest and most resilient organisms on the planet. Coupled with its speed in reproducing, these pests aren’t just tough to kill, they’re difficult to totally eradicate from an area.

Attracted to food and dirty crawlspaces, these pests must be cleaned out quickly to avoid an infestation. While there are numerous traps and poisons to stop them from reaching your food, the best option is to have a cockroach eradication service handle it.


There are a number of flying insects that can invade your premises, the house fly, fruit fly & cluster fly are a few of these pests. They tend to be attracted to foul smells and dirty areas such as bin spaces and are known to carry pathogens such as E.coli and Salmonella that can be harmful and sometimes deadly to humans. There are some businesses that are more affected than others by this particular pest, these businesses are usually within the food sector.

MJR Pest control can offer many solutions in combating fly problems and preventing further infestations with one of our commercials pest control services.


Birds can damage buildings in many ways but the most common ways are by dislodging and removing roof tiles and fowling on and around your property.

When birds decide that they are going to use your property as a roosting site they can often cause serious damage by moving roof tiles and the mortar around then this can lead to the ingress of water which can be a serious hazard while being expensive to fix. Another way that birds become a pest is through fowling, these dropping are highly acid and can also carry diseases such as Histoplasmosis and Cryptococcus which can be harmful to humans.

SPI’s (Stored product insects)

SPI’s are a group of insects that cover small beetles, silver fish and some moths that will infest dried food stores, it is important for any business that falls into this category to combat these pest to stop the infestation become out of hand.

MJR Pest control in Leeds can provide your business with many solutions in combating the infestation of SPI Pests.


Commercial buildings can become hives of pests if you aren’t careful. It is for this reason that pest control services are common in Leeds, to combat the disruption they cause within office buildings.

Are you looking for a pest control service in Leeds to handle commercial buildings? Get in touch with us and have one of our experts clean out your property from pests!