Flocks of pigeons are typically welcome in open towns, cities, and parks, but the pesky critters can quickly become a major problem once they start to nest in homes or commercial buildings. While they are generally harmless birds, they can pose a threat by carrying diseases and damaging your property with their droppings.

Pigeons can even cause clogged gutters since they throw in different debris when building a nest. They can also invite other unwanted creatures like mites and insects, that’s why it’s best to get rid of them fast before an invasion starts.

Ways to prevent pigeon infestations

Remove All Food Sources Outside
Food is the primary factor that attracts all forms of pests, so pigeons are no exception. Some sources like seeds, berries, and fruit left outside your house can serve as an invitation. One pigeon that has had a taste of food in your property is enough to encourage a lager flock, so be sure to remove any food sources near the property to stay away from a pigeon’s radar.

Eliminate Places Where They Can Nest
In addition to food, pigeons like to stick around your property when they find a comfy area to roost or nest in – be it on your roof, guttering, balcony, building eaves and other roof spaces. This can result in a huge mess in and around your buildings, pigeons produce a lot of droppings and these droppings can spread illnesses such as psittacosis and salmonella. Pigeons that nest in guuters will sometimes cause them to flood this type of damage to your property can be very expensive to repair.

For one, installing bird spikes in potential pigeon landing areas is an excellent tool that can discourage birds from resting on your property. You now don’t need to worry as now you can fit plastic bird spikes that will not harm the pigeons or any other bird that may try to land on them and are designed as a deterrent. It’s 100 per cent humane and can be effective in mitigating invasive birds.

Hire Professional Pest Control Services
There are various steps you can take to prevent pigeons from nesting on and in your property, but once the flying critters start to invade your buildings, it’s time to call a professional pest control company. Pigeons that have already invaded your property can cause various damage and if left even a short while can become expensive and a health hazard.

Expert bird control services can identify the source of your problem and get rid of pigeons for the long haul. Their expertise will ensure they can remove the nest safely using humane techniques.

The Bottom Line
Flocks of pigeons normally hang around open cities, farmyards, and parks, but once they cross the boundaries, they can quickly become a pest. While they seem initially harmless, pigeons can cause corrosive damages to buildings, become a flying vessel for disease transmission, and even contaminate food sources.

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